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Allen County Superior Court

“No one else in the state is doing this and we are really pleased that the Indiana Supreme Court is willing to fund these changes.”

– Jerry Noble Court Executive, Allan County Superior Court

Allen County Superior Court

Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the Allen County Superior Court, Charles “Bud” Meeks Justice Center, was looking to find a way to alleviate patrons’ confusion and traffic issues throughout the courthouse. Infax was selected to provide electronic docket displays for the misdemeanor and traffic courts. According to Court Executive, Jerry Noble, the court was looking for new ideas to go electronic to improve the case flow in the traffic and misdemeanor courts.

The Superior Court chose two solutions from the Infax Judicial Suite; DocketCall and Engage. DocketCall offers court personnel the ability to provide up-to-date case information electronically to visitors. Engage is a dual program system that allows the user to easily create and display directional signage, personalized messages, and digital directories.

Three Samsung 40-inch commercial grade monitors were installed in the waiting area after security. The monitors are ceiling mounted and located in front of the elevator bank. They display the patron’s name, case number, time of hearing, and presiding judge. The information is pulled from Tyler Odyssey, their case management system, and it is updated every 15 minutes.

The Allen County Superior Court plans to apply for another grant to implement hearing and juror check-in kiosks. When a patron finishes going through security they will be welcomed with check-in kiosks that will supplement their existing displays. First they will type their name and/or case number, then they will receive information on when and where their courtroom is located. The check-in kiosks will go hand-in-hand with the DocketCall application.

Allen County Superior Court

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