Case Study:
Newport News-Williamsburg International Airport, Newport News, VA

Solano County, CA

Quick Facts


Infax, Inc. provided and installed a new Multi-User Flight Information Display System (MUFIDS) in PHF in the fall of 2006. When planning began for their new concourse, they put us in touch with the architects, Shriver and Holland Associates, to answer questions related to LCD and LED sign sizes, mounting options, and custom brackets for the new gate podiums and backscreens. In addition, we provided Jensen Cabinet with an LCD to assist in fabricating a custom bracket to attach the LCDs to the glass gate podiums. And, on May 3, 2010, the Newport News-Williamsburg International Airport officially opened the new concourse, doubling the number of gates from six to twelve. In conjunction with the concourse opening, Frontier Airlines made their inaugural flight from PHF to DEN that morning.

Project Scope

Infax, Inc. expanded the existing MUFIDS into the new concourse, installing two 32” NEC Pro flat panel displays on all gate podiums, along with the placement of NEC 40” displays at key points for passenger viewing.

Additional 40” flat panel displays were added throughout the terminal and above the baggage carousels. Infax also installed new baggage claim industrial touchscreen input devices in the tug area.

The airport’s new Welcome Center, which is located just outside the USO Center, was enhanced by the installation of three NEC 46” LCDs on the back wall. Each unit has its own dedicated content, displaying flight information, messages, graphics or video, and network news respectively.

Single and multi-channel rack mount Infax Device Display Controllers (DDCs) were installed along with an upgraded server to provide redundancy for the system.

Infax’s responsibilities included the complete hardware and software installation, as well as airline and employee training on the various software applications. A variety of page styles were developed and configured to support LCDs mounted in both portrait and landscape modes, and to display arrival and departure information in a split-screen fashion. Infax also provided the airport with several custom templates for the Welcome Center Message Display.

Software Integration

Infax’s WinFIDS® application suite provides PHF with more than just the ability to display arrivals/departures, gate and baggage claim information. Infax’s GateCast incorporates a real-time Accuweather data feed to allow gate displays to show a three-day forecast for each destination city. Infax’s Engage and Composer modules allow the airport to create and display custom welcome announcements and messages, including graphics and video, on a dedicated LCD located behind the Welcome Center counter. The Baggage Claim input application assists the tug drivers by requiring just “two touches” to enter flight data and start the bag belt after the first bag has been placed on the belt. In the Baggage Claim area, LCDs located over the carousels let passengers and greeters know which flights have arrived and that their luggage is on its way.


Infax is proud to have played a part in the airport’s recent expansion project, and looks forward to working with them as they continue to grow and expand their services to meet the area’s travel needs, whether it’s local military and government personnel, business travelers, or those coming to visit the historic Colonial Williamsburg and Hampton Roads region.

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