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36th District Court

36th District Court

With a tradition of legal professionalism, the 36th District Court in Detroit, Michigan, holds itself to high standards, especially when it comes to the care of its citizens. As one of the busiest courts in the country, Detroit’s 36th District Court houses several different departments, including the Civil, Criminal, Probate and Traffic Divisions. Having so many divisions in one building led to large amounts of pedestrian traffic and resulted in congestion and patron confusion. With the goal of accommodating the high volumes of patron traffic, the 36th District Court turned to Infax to electronically streamline activity in the courthouse.

To meet the court’s needs, Infax installed DocketCall®, its electronic docket display solution for justice facilities. DocketCall integrates with the court’s existing case management system and keeps visitors informed by automatically displaying up-to-date case information. Ten 32-inch monitors displaying the Infax DocketCall software were installed throughout the courthouse, along with five additional 40-inch monitors in the lobby. Later that year, the court chose to upgrade its current docket system by replacing the original 32-inch monitors with ten 46-inch monitors. The larger displays draw the eye and are easier to read, helping inform patrons even quicker.

In 2016, continuing its efforts to enhance patrons’ court experience and uphold its reputation of civil excellence, Detroit’s 36th District Court once again called on Infax to further simplify and modernize its court processes. The court chose to install Engage, Infax’s content-creating digital signage suite. Engage allows the user to effortlessly generate personalized messages, digital directories, facility maps and more to be published on monitors throughout the courthouse. As part of the update, Infax provided and installed seven commercial-grade 49-inch LCD monitors to display the user-created content.

The installation of the Infax DocketCall and Engage solutions allows the 36th District Court in Detroit to provide visitors with an experience that is even more exceptional than what they had come to expect. These software solutions, combined with the large monitor displays, give patrons better access to the docket and other pertinent court information. Today, visitors can find where they need to go in 60 seconds or less and no longer need to interrupt faculty members’ work to ask for directions. The court is able to better manage facility traffic and runs more efficiently, leading to an overall increase in productivity.

36th District Court

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