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Atlanta Municipal Court

Atlanta Municipal Court

Located in Georgia’s capital, the Atlanta Municipal Court is the center for all traffic ordinance cases in the city. This busy court sees hundreds of patrons walk through its doors each day to report for various legal matters. The high number of people entering the building caused congestion to build up in the court’s lobby areas. Visitors became confused about where to go and how to get there, which led them to ask courthouse staff members for help. This only slowed the courthouse down more and prompted the court to look for a solution. With the goal of accommodating the high volume of patrons, the Atlanta Municipal Court turned to Infax to electronically streamline activity in the courthouse.

To manage the inflow of patrons, Infax implemented DocketCall, its flagship solution for justice facilities. By integrating with the court’s existing case management system, DocketCall automatically displays real-time case information on three 40-inch LCD monitors above the security area. Three additional monitors were originally installed as well, but the court decided to reallocate them to other areas in the courthouse.

In February of 2016, after seeing the benefits the system brought to both visitors and staff, the Atlanta Municipal Court returned to Infax to update their system. With the objective of further simplifying and modernizing court procedures, the court selected the Infax Engage software, a content-creating digital signage suite. Engage allows the user to easily create personalized messages, digital directories, facility maps and more to be displayed on monitors throughout the courthouse. With the software’s drag and drop interface, the Atlanta Municipal Court can upload, schedule, and display content on customizable playlists. As part of the update, Infax installed four additional commercial-grade 49-inch LCD monitors. These monitors are strategically placed in the elevator lobby to provide patrons with constant access to court information.

Installation of the Infax DocketCall system, as well as the Engage update, allows the Atlanta Municipal Court to provide visitors with an experience not usually expected from such a busy courthouse. Now, patrons can find where they need to go in 60 seconds or less and no longer need to interrupt staff to ask for directions. Furthermore, Engage adds a personal touch to court processes while providing visitors with easily accessible information. The Infax systemnot only allows the court to achieve greater levels of efficiency and productivity, but also gives patrons a more enjoyable judicial experience.

Atlanta Municipal Court

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