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Broward County Courthouse

Broward County Courthouse

Broward County is the second largest jurisdiction in the State of Florida. To better serve the state’s 17th Judicial Circuit, the county constructed a new courthouse that accommodates the County Civil Division, Circuit Civil and Family Division, and the Felony, Misdemeanor, Parking, Probate, and Traffic Divisions. When the courthouse was undergoing construction, the 17th Judicial Circuit Court called on Infax to equip the new facility with a digital wayfinding system. To meet the Court’s needs, Infax provided its DocketCall® and Engage solutions to the new Broward County Courthouse before it opened to the public.

In late 2015, the Broward County Courthouse chose to install two of Infax’s most popular judicial solutions: DocketCall® and Engage. DocketCall integrates with the court’s existing Tyler Odyssey case management system and keeps visitors informed by automatically displaying up-to-date case information on monitors placed throughout the courthouse. Patrons can now find pertinent information like their case number, courtroom assignment, and appearance time through an easy-to-use digital format. With the addition of Infax’s content-creating software, Engage, the court can easily create digital content to display on monitors. Personalized messages, digital directories, maps of the facility and other courthouse information are made completely customizable using Engage’s user-friendly interface. The court provided a total of 115 monitors to display case information and wayfinding content. This included 75 monitors placed outside individual courtrooms, 14 in the 1st floor lobby, 14 in the 2nd floor public corridor, and one on each of the 12 floors with a courtroom.

With the help of the Infax Judicial Suite, Nashville’s A.A. Birch Building is now able to efficiently manage patron traffic. By using DocketCall® to inform and guide visitors, the overall productivity of the building and its staff has increased. This system is now an important part of the facility. All productivity of the courthouse and its staff has increased. This system is now an important part of the facility.

The installation of the Infax DocketCall and Engage solutions enables the Broward County Courthouse to serve its citizens in an even more effective and proficient manner than before. DocketCall enables patrons to better access the docket and find where they need to go in 60 seconds or less. With Engage, staff can add additional wayfinding information and a personalized touch to court procedures. By automating the docketing process, court personnel no longer have to manage printed dockets and are able to allocate time to other responsibilities. The installation of Infax’s judicial solutions has resulted in better management of patron traffic and requests, leading to an overall improvement in courthouse productivity.

Broward County Courthouse

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