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Gila River Indian Community Court

Gila River Indian Community Court

The Gila River Indian Community Court in Maricopa County, Arizona, administers fair justice and quality customer service to members of the community. However, the court felt its ability to fairly serve patrons was being compromised by the lack of directional signage and case information on display. Upon entering the facility, confused visitors would often crowd the lobby areas or pull staff members away from their tasks to ask for information or directions. With its patrons always in mind, the court felt compelled to find a solution that would help guide visitors to their assigned rooms and improve courthouse efficiency. Infax presented DocketCall as an answer to the court’s problem and was selected for the job.

Infax and the Gila River Indian Community Court implemented the Infax DocketCall software solution to help the court meet its efficiency needs. By seamlessly integrating with the court’s existing case management system, DocketCall automatically displays case information such as party name, case number, time of hearing, and room number in real time to help guide patrons to their destinations. To accommodate the court’s caseload, Infax provided and installed two 48-inch monitors that reside on the courthouse’s current virtual environment. The wall-mounted monitors rotate daily court information to continuously provide direction to visitors.

With its implementation at the Gila River Indian Community Court, DocketCall became Infax’s first solution installed in a tribal courthouse. The DocketCall monitors help alleviate patron confusion inside the facility by drawing the eye in order to inform. With information constantly rotating on the monitors, visitors are able to find where they need to go in 60 seconds or less. Furthermore, without endless distractions by visitors, courthouse staff members are better able to tend to their tasks. The Gila River Indian Community Court continues to provide quality customer service with the help of Infax.

Gila River Indian Community Court

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