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Mesa County Justice Center

"Love the docket monitor system. Our customers don’t have to stand in line to get the info they need about their court case. Our clerks don’t have to print and post paper dockets. Well worth the investment!"

–Sandra CasselberryJudicial Administrator, 21st Judicial District. Grand Junction, Colorado

Mesa County Justice Center

Located in Grand Junction, the Mesa County Justice Center is the 21st Judicial District Court for the state of Colorado. Mesa County wanted to minimize the time it took for incoming patrons to find information about their specific case. Infax Judicial Suite was selected to help the court meet their objectives.

A total of eight monitors were installed in the Mesa County Justice Center. Four monitors were installed in the main lobby to display primary DocketCall® information. Two 46-inch commercial grade wall-mounted monitors were installed to display the defendant’s name, room number, time of the hearing, and their case number. Two monitors were also installed to display the courthouse directory using the Infax Engage solution.

In addition, there are single monitors located on the 3rd Floor, 4th Floor, PO Training Room, and PO Lobby. DocketCall integrates and pulls the daily docket information from the Colorado statewide case management system, JPOD (Judicial Paper on Demand). The court added Docket on the Web so patrons can see their case information before arriving at the courthouse.

With the assistance of the Infax Judicial Suite, Mesa County Justice Center was able to meet their objectives to increase staff productivity and increase a patron’s ability to locate their proper destination within the courthouse. With Docket on the Web, patrons can be knowledgeable of their case details before arriving to the courthouse. Infax provided this particular court with a system that integrates with its current day-to-day activities.

Mesa County Justice Center

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