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San Antonio International Airport

San Antonio International Airport

In 2014, the San Antonio International Airport sought a solution to ease passenger stress and anxiety while waiting in line at the Terminal A TSA checkpoint. The ideal video-based solution would calculate and display security wait times on dedicated monitors and on the MUFIDs monitors to inform passengers of their estimated wait. After a competitive solicitation process, TRAX, a turnkey passenger queuing solution using video analytics created by Infax, was selected for the job.

The TRAX installation included 10 video analytics cameras and two 48-inch monitors for displaying wait times. The cameras monitor passenger movement through the queue, allowing the software to calculate the estimated time it takes to get through security. The estimated wait time is then displayed on the dedicated TRAX monitors to inform passengers and ease travel anxiety. The solution was installed in conjunction with the airport’s pre-existing Infax MUFIDS, making it possible for wait times to also be displayed on flight information monitors and on the San Antonio Airport website. Being an expandable solution, TRAX can accommodate additional locations should the airport choose to expand its system.

San Antonio International Airport

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