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Shawnee County Courthouse

Shawnee County Courthouse

Kansas is home to 31 district courts that receive a combined total of 500,000 case filings each year. The 3rd Judicial District Court is located in Topeka, Kansas, within Shawnee County, one of the most populous counties in the state. The district court resides in the Shawnee County Courthouse and is the source of much of the patron traffic in the facility. With so many visitors reporting for court appointments, the courthouse began to experience rising levels of patron congestion in the lobby. The lack of easily accessible case information left visitors uninformed and confused about where to go, causing them to ask courthouse staff members for assistance. The 3rd Judicial District Court sought a solution to this problem that could easily administer case information to patrons. After proposing DocketCall®, the electronic docket display solution for courts, Infax was selected for the job.

In 2015, Infax provided and installed four 43-inch monitors equipped with its DocketCall software solution. DocketCall integrates with the court’s current case management system to display real-time case information electronically. With the monitors placed strategically in the courthouse lobby, visitors can find their name, time, case number, and assigned room as soon as they enter the building. The docket displays proved immensely successful, which led to the courthouse’s decision to expand its system in early 2016. Ten more 43-inch monitors were provided and installed in the courthouse to display the docket. All of the monitors are wall-mounted on multiple floors to help guide patrons to their destinations within the courthouse.

Visitors entering the Shawnee County Courthouse now navigate its halls with ease. With the strategic placement of monitors in the lobby and on multiple floors, patrons can easily access case information anywhere in the building. In addition to the court visitors, courthouse staff members have also reaped the benefits of the docket displays. With wayfinding information so readily available, patrons no longer need to ask staff members for directions. This allows staff to continuously perform their assigned tasks, allowing the courthouse to run as efficiently as possible.

Shawnee County Courthouse

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