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Skagit County

“We find the display provides quick and easy access to the court users to see where their case is being held. Our display shows all court schedules in Skagit County, which include the District and Municipal Courts as well as Superior Court.”

– Pam Springer Court Administrator, Skagit County District Court

Skagit County

Located in Mount Vernon, Washington, the Skagit County Public Safety building was looking to manage facility traffic, improve staff efficiency, and increase court productivity. Infax was selected to provide a solution that would facilitate these needs.

Two 46-inch Samsung high-bright, high-contrast monitors were installed at the front entrance of the Public Safety building. Patrons can view these monitors from outside the facility through glass windows. The court display system was designated to operate in multiple locations throughout Skagit County.

The court data is merged and displayed on two monitors. Data is sorted alphabetically by the patron’s last name. Case information from the Burlington Municipal Court, the Skagit County District Court, and the Superior Court is pulled by DocketCall from the Washington AOC automatically. The monitors display the defendant’s name, court type, room number, and the time of the hearing.

There are two types of displays that were implemented: a Municipal Court display and a Superior Court display. The municipal court display shows all clients for Skagit County District Court, Burlington Municipal Court, Mount Vernon Municipal Court and Anacortes Municipal Court. The display also shows patrons names, court type, room number, and the time of the case. The Superior Court Display shows the current Superior Court Calendar. This specific display shows the party name or event, room number, the judge or commissioner, and the time as well.

With the help of the Infax Judicial Suite, Skagit County Courthouse was able to better manage facility traffic and improve courthouse productivity. This unique installation of DocketCall allows outside viewers to know where they are going before reaching security. In addition, these public displays have allowed staff to focus on more important tasks thus increasing productivity

Skagit County

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