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Tri-Cities Airport

"We deployed the Infax system throughout the terminal to provide passengers with the most current information available and are very pleased with the accuracy and manner in which the monitors are updated. The system is extremely easy for employees to update as well.."

– Buck Taft, Deputy Director of Airports

Tri-Cities Airport

Tri-Cities Airport completed the third and final phase of its $41.9 million terminal expansion project in early 2017. The new terminal, which is double the size of the original, will accommodate the region’s increasing population and growing flight services. The airport selected Infax, Inc. to provide and install a multi-user flight information display system on 40 monitors to complement the state-of-the-art concourse. Included in the MUFIDS is the Infax WinFIDS® solution for flight, baggage and gate information displays; the Engage digital signage suite; flight tracker maps from FlightView; and destination weather on select gate displays. WinFIDS® accepts multiple automatic data sources such as ASDI data feeds and airline interfaces to alleviate airport personnel from having to manually enter arrival and departure information. Engage allows users to easily create digital signage pages, content playlists, personalized messages and advertisements to be displayed on monitors throughout the facility.

The Infax WinFIDS and Engage solutions allow Tri-Cities Airport to effectively communicate vital passenger information in an easy-to-read format. By using the Infax solutions, Tri-Cities Airport can more efficiently manage its new terminal and save both employees and passengers valuable time.

Tri-Cities Airport
Tri-Cities Airport

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