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Yuma County Superior Court

"It’s the convenience. You can sit on your couch at home with a laptop and find out when you are supposed to be there for a hearing, if you want to report a hearing, or if you want to attend it. It’s just all right there. You don’t have to ask anybody, it’s all going to be posted."

– The Honorable Judge John N. Nelson Presiding Judge, Yuma County Superior Court

Yuma County Superior Court

Located in Southwest Arizona, the Yuma County Superior Court’s Department of Information Technology Services has partnered with Infax to increase wayfinding proficiency throughout their courthouse. Goals of this particular court included focusing on an overall decrease of wayfinding questions and a way to increase the efficiency of managing the daily court calendar.

A total of 14 monitors were installed at the Yuma County Superior Court. Four 46-inch Samsung LCD monitors were installed on the ground floor. Those monitors display the daily court calendar for the superior and justice courts. The electronic docket now displays the patron’s name, courtroom, time of the hearing, and case number. In addition, Infax installed ten 32-inch monitors outside of each courtroom. All monitors are wall-mounted.

With the help of Infax, the Yuma County Superior Court has reached a more efficient traffic flow and simplified the wayfinding process for visitors. This installation organizes the court schedule and displays it in real-time. The new system helps reduce patron’s wayfinding questions and it makes it easier to find specific courtrooms. Now patrons find their name on the electronic docket in sixty seconds or less instead of searching through a paper copy. According to Judge John N. Nelson, the presiding Judge for the courthouse, now it is all about the convenience of the visitor, and with Infax, visitors can access all the information they need at their convenience.

Yuma County Superior Court

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