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Galveston County Justice Center

"With the addition of the Infax DocketCall, CourtBoard and Engage solutions in our Justice Center, visitors are now able to navigate our building with confidence, thereby saving time for the courts and the public. Additionally, postings on the electronic public notice board have given the citizens of Galveston County better access to official notices."

–Dwight Sullivan, Galveston County Clerk

Galveston County Justice Center

The Galveston County Justice Center in Texas was in need of a solution that could display case information in real time. Built in 2006, the Justice Center houses all County and District departments, including the District Attorney, the District Clerk, the County Clerk, and the Justice Administration Divisions. The consolidation of all Galveston courts under one roof led to large amounts of traffic in the facility and resulted in patron confusion and congestion. With the goal of electronically streamlining courthouse information, the Galveston County Justice Center chose the Infax Judicial Suite to meet its technology needs.

The Galveston County Justice Center selected the Infax DocketCall®, CourtBoard and Engage solutions to be displayed on 13 monitors throughout the courthouse. DocketCall integrates with the court’s existing Tyler Odyssey case management system to automatically display real-time case information. Similar to DocketCall, CourtBoard displays public notices electronically, thus providing the Justice Center with a more efficient and environmentally responsible alternative to posting paper notices. With the addition of Infax’s content-creating software, Engage, the court can easily create digital signage to displayon monitors in the courthouse. Personalized messages, digital directories, maps of the facility and other courthouse information are made completely customizable using Engage’s user-friendly interface. Seeing the benefits to both visitors and staff, the Justice Center decided to expand the system shortly after the initial installation. At the court’s request, Infax installed eight 32-inch monitors outside courtrooms to further aid patrons navigating the facility.

With the assistance of Infax, the Galveston County Justice Center’s dynamic displays now seamlessly parallel its modern building design. The court is able to better manage facility traffic and improve courthouse efficiency, leading to an overall improvement in its productivity. The commercial-grade monitors enable patrons to better access the dockets and find where they need to go in 60 seconds or less. Infax’s system is an integral part of the Justice Center and will continue to benefit both courthouse staff and visitors.

Galveston County Justice Center
Galveston County Justice Center

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